Photos by Roberto Hajduk:

Photos by Roberto Hajduk:
Photos by Roberto Hajduk:

Sunday, July 10, 2011

July 8th

We drove from Munich to Lake Walchensee in the Bavarian Alps. The countryside is quaint with lots of farms and cattle and little towns in between. Our gps in the car isn’t working and we wiggled our way (again with a few wrong turns) to the lake. I kept wanting to look at the lovely meadows dotted with Alpine barns which might explain the few wrong turns. When we turned the corner to the lake it’s a breathtaking emerald green surrounded by dark green forests.
We immediately saw the sail base and the 29ers being set up. Newt and Dane worked on their boat and did a little afternoon sail to warm up and check out their charter boat.
Our little inn is quite charming.  The Hotel Einsiedl is a very stereotypical German inn with flowers on the windowsill and painted flowers around the shuttered windows. The breakfasts are amazing. They have a spread of fresh fruit and freshly baked breads. The preserves are all homemade and served with my favorite Earl Gray Tea.
Walchensee is Germany’s deepest Alpine lake and there are rumors of Nazi treasured buried deep in the lake.

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