Photos by Roberto Hajduk:

Photos by Roberto Hajduk:
Photos by Roberto Hajduk:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The long road home

We were just commenting at dinner how the trip has gone so smoothly. We've successfully navigated thunderstorms, the German autobahn, a manual transmission, German, French, Italian translations, a broken GPS and European road signs only to be stopped in our tracks at the Zurich International airport.

After waiting an hour to check in, the woman at the ticket counter smiled and checked our bags, charged us $150 for extra luggage, handed us our boarding passes and then nonchalantly told us our flight was five hours delayed and that we don’t have a connecting flight home from Toronto. “Thank you for being so understanding. Next." 

Thirty-nine hours after leaving Zurich, we’re finally home. The best sight of the whole trip was seeing Craig, Quinn and Moki waiting for us at the baggage claim at LAX.

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