Photos by Roberto Hajduk:

Photos by Roberto Hajduk:
Photos by Roberto Hajduk:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July 19th

My phone service has been a bit sketchy and I didn’t see a text about an early start. I woke up at 7:00 and looked out my balcony window and saw 29ers already out on the water. I quickly woke Dane up and we ran to the club. Luckily Dane and Newt were in the second wave. I came back and had a nice breakfast in my hotel. I asked the chef if I could take a few slices of bread because Dane missed breakfast. He said give me five minutes. He packed up two vegi sandwiches, watermelon and iced tea. I was worried Dane was going to be out on the water all day without breakfast or lunch. He was a lifesaver.

This quaint little local yacht club seems to be overwhelmed with the size of the regatta. They had 25% more sailors than anticipated. The race committee and jury seems to be understaffed. All of the stores and restaurants close in the afternoon for "Italian siesta." What amused me is that the race committee came in for lunch and left the kids floating out on the water. The regatta apparently has a siesta time too. Funny.

Today several members of the US, Great Britain, Norway and Spain have volunteered to help out on the water. Besides the racing conditions they were worried about too few boats on the water to help with safety issues. Some of the moms (including myself) who don't have race committee experience are volunteering with protest administration in the afternoons. Hopefully we won’t see any of our kids in that line.

USA 1176 got two races in today. The conditions were not great but they had two solid finishes. Some groups haven’t gotten in any races yet. Tomorrow is the last day of qualifying before they are divided up into championship fleets of gold, silver and bronze.

Our regular afternoon thunderstorm hit in the afternoon and boats scrambled in. Dane and Newt were not out racing at the time. Everyone made it back safely (well I hope so, no one is marking the kids coming in).

We had the best dinner of our trip so far at our hotel. Arugala salad, grilled salmon with roasted potatoes and vegis and toped it off with vanilla gelato. Then to bed early. 

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